Vincent Léon

A dark-cloaked man with pale skin walks into town carrying a black, coffin-shaped case.


Vincent was born as the ultimate mistake of the Vampiric Night Court; a half-breed Dhampir. His birth was a surprise to the Court and afterward, a Blood Court vampire stole him away, knowing not what he was, but was killed by a priest of the Judian Church. The Priest raised Vincent in secret after descovering what he truly was, seeing him as a tool that could be turned from the darkness of his heritage to due greater good for the people.

Over the course of his childhood, Father D’Artagnan, grew old and passed on the secrets of monster hunting to Vincent to protect himself and others; however, Vincent found himself at odds with the Churches views on the supernatural as the age of industrialism began to take hold, and spent over a century wandering beyond their view to hunt only those beasts he sees as true monsters.

As of late, Vincent has been recruited into the Oculus Vigil, an ancient and secretive order bent on stopping the threat of supernatural incursion into the world.

Vincent has Black hair, braided in a semi-barbaric Northern style, slightly gaunt features, and tends to wear a brown tunic, with grey pants, with a black coat and boots. He keeps himself generally to the shadows.


Vincent Léon

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